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Source: Spaghetti Bolognese – one pot wonder (well, two….)

Ah yes, filling the freezer with dinners. Double portion made ready for those dreary days when only spaghetti with bolognese sauce, or ragu, will do. Enjoy your Sunday!



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Toffee apple jam

If you are lucky enough to have your own orchard, or just a few apple trees, this years yield seem to be a good one! And as autumn is upon us, with the clocks going back, the time has come to creat…

Source: Toffee apple jam

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Due to a small gas leak discovered earlier this week, cooking was a challenge (as the gas had to be turned off completely). We do have a microwave oven but I have never done anything other than heat or defrost food in it, and to be honest ready-made meals from a microwave oven does not fill me with glee. I wanted a home cooked and preferably warm meal. A’s mum came to the rescue with a slow cooker, and I’ve always been keen to try one out. 

We decided to make a butter chicken variant, a mildly spiced curry sauce from Punjab. However…. The recipe I tried was pretty bland and dull, so I have decided not to share the recipe with you. How great am I?!  

We also bought a shoulder of pork to try in the slow cooker. Shoulder of pork is an inexpensive cut of meat and goes a long way. The main ingredients would be apple and sage. 

I rubbed the pork with salt, pepper and paprika, and let it settle for a while. 

We had to brown the meat somehow and used A’s fishing stove. The meat was then transferred to the slow cooker on top of the cooking apples and sage leaves. 

We glaced the pan with some leftover rose wine and poured this over the meat. Then one large onion and several garlic cloves chopped, browned and added to cooker. The setting put on low and you’re done! 

5 hours later we adjusted the setting to medium and added chopped parsnip and carrot to the cooker and left it until the vegetables had cooked through. 

Verdict? A decent meal with flaky pork and vegetables in a flavoursome broth, served in deep bowls.  

I won’t run out and buy a slow cooker, I don’t think. It was fine in the emergency we did have, but it doesn’t really do anything I can’t do on the stove or in the oven. And I do prefer a good roast. 
1. A’s cooker was very unstable, so we had to brown the meat on the floor. 

2. Chicken laid to rest in slow cooker, with chopped coriander (cilantro) stems and a few tomatoes. 



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Friday 13th November 2015 is going to be a date to remember, especially for us living in the Western Hemisphere, and especially for those living in Paris, France. And let us not forget Beirut, Baghdad and elsewhere the unmentionables wage their idiotic, messed up war against all things sivilised and progressive. And with the lyrics of Imagine, let us all try and make this a better place. How, I don’t know. Anyway, life goes on, and so does cooking and eating. And as there seem to be something wrong with my liver, further tests in January, I might as well try and make a start living more healthily. Walk more, eat less of the stuff I love etc etc. 

This week I will make poached chicken and seasonal vegetables, grilled aubergine & tomato sandwiches, pea and lettuce soup, which I’ve made many times but not shared with you, and tonight spicy spinach soup, which promotes a good mood. Life is constantly full of worry, but as illustrated below, worry serves no useful purpose. 

So live long & in peace! 




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Stats (a thank you)

How exciting it is to view the stats on my blog, but many thanks to followers in Canada, US, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Denmark, UK, Brazil, Germany, Austria, Singapore and Thailand. How very exciting, indeed!

Now what shall I cook next? I’ve had a couple of disasters in the kitchen of late, so I’m mainly doing basic stuff, you know, the ordinary daily meal. It would be nice to have a dinner party, but the current climate does not allow it. Maybe I’ll get some inspiration in Barcelona and the Catalan kitchen. I have a feeling I will wander the markets and take snaps, rather than anything cultural. Although food is culture!


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